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Last Time That I Checc'd... Marathons weren't so bad.

Nipsey Hussle told us that the marathon continues. Like many other mantras related to consistency and dedication, The Marathon is a call to action. This call to action challenges us to "just Keep swimming" like Dory from Finding Nemo. At every end, we are faced with resistance. The path of least resistance encourages us to go with the flow. Going with the flow is nonsynonymous with sitting on the dock of the bay allowing life to just happen to you (*in my Chad from Insecure voice).

The path of least resistance is a guide for going with what is most suitable for you. I'll use Tobe Nwigwe for example (the first Hip-Hop & Occupation podcast episode focuses on him). From he and CJ's mouth, Tobe was focusing on football. He had also established a program to give purpose to children. One day, he freestyled in the presence of CJ who suggested that he should rap. Tobe replied with "...But I am not a rapper". CJ's response was "You are now", and the journey began. Carlas "CJ" Quinney is a discoverer of talent. He is one of the key reasons why Eric Thomas (motivational speaker) is a house hold name. He is also one of the reasons why we know Tobe Nwigwe. I have heard CJ state (in person and digitally), your purpose is what you do the best with the least amount of effort. See that? The least amount of effort stims from the path of least resistance.

Nipsey desired to be a rap star during his youth. He imagined performing like Kris Kross. Life occurred, as it does for many of us, and he became a product of his heavily influenced gang environment. Still, he persisted. Nipsey decided to focus on rapping after a series of run-ins with the law. Even with on-going debates that Nipsey was not the best rapper (not my personal opinion), his drive, consistency, belief in self, and dedication were and still are undeniable. His marathon mentality has provided yet another model for Hip-Hop culture. That model tells us all to just keep swimming. Nipsey is quoted on DJ Mustard's Perfect Ten track stating "You don't know who is swimming naked until the tide come in". Even when you are down to your bare minimum... just keep swimming because the marathon continues.

There are multiple marathons in life. In fact, my belief is that life is the biggest marathon with mini marathon stages. Currently, I am training for a half marathon. This will be my second half marathon. In 2017, I ran a full marathon. A soft goal of mine is to participate in some sort of race in each state within the U.S. When I am faced with obstacles in life, I think about marathon training. It's brutal. But, in the end, if you want to complete the task that you have embarked upon (and spent money to sign up for *insert side eye emoji), you have to keep swimming, you have to keep running, you gotta walk, and crawl. Once completed, you can take your VICTORY LAP.

You are appreciated for reading. Peace and blessings family...

-Jian Jones

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