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This or That: Trying Not To Be a Black Sheep by Making a Bad Decision...

This post is all about decisions. As stated before, the Hip-Hop & Occupation podcast will be dropping soon (next week at the earliest) and I am deciding on the best cover. I ran into an epic fail with the first cover with mix reviews from those close to me. Completing a test run with the first cover elicited a thought... why do we care so much about other people's opinions?

The reason for caring about the opinions of others is simple... we want to belong. In theory, belonging is a sense of safety... security. Think about it, when you are rejected by a love one, the safeness you felt prior to the rejection is interrupted. We often patch things up, but if the rejection continues, lasting trauma (mild, moderate, or severe) can be the result which causes us to no longer trust that love one. Communication by both individuals with intentional action to follow may avoid a dramatic ending. However, a good amount of us have a difficult time communicating our needs while considering the needs of others. I have learned to not ask for opinions unless I am ready. A good friend of mine told me once (and I heard it in a 90's neo-soul love story) to "never ask a question that you don't want to know the answer to". So... when I know that I am ready for what other folks have to say... I ask. I also consider their thoughts and apply accordingly.

On the contrary, I have also learned to not give a fuq (I try to keep it PG-13). This was a really hard behavior to practice. When I have not asked for the opinions of others, and I get one anyway... that's not even nice... BRUH... gone. Even if it's honest, the delivery should be correct and permission should be obtained prior to just dishing the opinion. We should always come correct. Just because you may be a "keep it real, I don't sugar coat nothing" type of being, does not entitle you to use malice to aid your honesty. But, since some will continue to spew their Nice for What position, I decided to not give a fuq (insert Bishop from Juice). Yep! I honor my feelings then ask myself if the unwarranted opinion serves me. If the opinion does not, I throw up imaginary deuces from the situation. Trust me, it helps with well-being.

The kicker to this post is that I would like ya'll's opinion. Yes... Let me know in the IG post or the blog comments which podcast cover you like the most. The initial picture is #1 and the picture below is #2. Let me know your decision. Will it be This or That?

One more thing, since I started the year off with Tobe Nwigwe, Fat, and Nell's inspo New Year post, Tobe will be the first rapper we discuss on the Hip-Hop & Occupation podcast. Can you guess what his occupation is?

Peace and blessings family.

-Jian Jones

Photographer: @drehowphotography

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