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The Set-Up: Creating Space to Share My Knowledge

So... ya'll know that I am working on The Hip-Hop & Occupation Podcast. Learning about the foundation of podcasting has been pretty cool. Needless to say, I am also the mom of three boys #PMD, a doctoral candidate, and a professor with a high workload job as a fieldwork coordinator. So, I needed the set-up phase to be as simple as possible. I called my homie Adrianne, d/b/a @TiTiTalks and she gave me some information. Sis told me to obtain a RSS feed. A RSS feed stands for RDF Site Summary or Really Simple Syndication. A RSS is a web feed that users can easily update and allow other users to access information or content it provides (makes sense for really simple syndication).

Next, I purchased a domain. The domain, of course, is I am not sure if I will need the domain for podcast episode posting but I got it anyway. The RSS feed may be enough, which I believe gives me the ability to post straight to Apple, Spotify, and Soundcloud. From there, I will post on via a blog post (like this one) or I will create an add-on (to my site) to access the page. I'll post an update as time goes on.

I also purchased a mic, mic arm, USB audio interface, and a XLR microphone cable. These tools will allow me to speak into a recording mechanism. For starters, I plan to use GarageBand to record. From my experience thus far, GarageBand is easy to use. I may advance the recording software in the future, but for now, it appears that GarageBand will get the job done. Fun fact, did you know that E. Badu recorded Window Seat with GarageBand? Dope Right?!

Lastly, I have curated the treatment for the pilot episode. I have embedded the Occupational Therapy Practice Framework, Fourth Edition (OTPF-4) into a rubric for grading Hip-Hop influencers and artists according to their promoted "occupation". Yes, we as occupational beings participate in various occupations of meaning within a multitude of roles. However, for the podcast, I want to focus and elaborate on the main occupation and role seen by us as consumers of the artist and influencer through the lens of Hip-Hop culture. This should be fun.

The purpose of this post is to share my process of getting started in preparation for launching The Hip-Hop & Occupation Podcast. I am looking forward to the conversations we will have. I also look forward to adding to the DEI (diversity, equity, and inclusion) movement of OT. Lastly, I am excited about what this podcast will contribute to Hip-Hop culture and the rigor of Hip-Hop studies.

Continue to press family.

-Jian Jones

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