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Have a MonuMINTal New Year: Word to Phife, Q-Tip, Ali & Tobe (Fat & Nell)

Happy New Year Family!

I trust that you enjoyed the holiday season. I also trust that you are geared up to manifest an awesome year. The blog title is a play on a line from J. Cole's Forbidden Fruit when he acknowledges A Tribe Called Quest. I simply substituted Tobe for Jaroby, just to shed light on the inspired New Year photo. My year and holiday were MonuMINTal. On Halloween 2021, I attended the MonuMINTal Tour in Atlanta with Tobe, Fat, & Nell, then immediately headed home to successfully defend my dissertation proposal. The rest of the holiday season was pretty dope to say the least.

For the last four years, I have completed annual goals with the intention to exhibit creativity and edutainment within the health and wellness space. As an occupational therapist, my priority is to promote well-being. Starting in 2014, I created fitness challenge videos. In 2017, I vlogged via YouTube and Facebook with The Unforgettable Forgetter (check YouTube… I have come a long way). in 2018, following the early challenges and vlog, I initiated month to month social media challenges on Instagram and Facebook. In 2020, I decided to pay homage to my first love… Hip-Hop. Each month I curated album cover recreations with photographs shot by Andre Howard and graphics completed by Darian Colbert (check the tagged posts for their info). I will post a 2020 year in review soon. Until then, continue to check out the Hip-Hop inspired, yoga/mindfulness, fitness, & transformative content as usual.

My goal for 2022, as the Mindful- Hip-Hop Scholar, is the Hip-Hop and Occupation podcast. Season 1, episode 1 (pilot) will be posted this January with an episode produced each month. The Hip-Hop and Occupation podcast will discuss how occupational science and Hip-Hop beautifully collide. We are occupational beings with culture. Hip-Hop is a cultural phenomenon… and someone needs to connect the two. And… that someone is me (insert smiley face emoji). So, tune in family.

In the meantime, tag and @ Tobe, Fat, and Nell to the post so they can see how PMDclick executed their poses. I love ya’ll. Continue to Press.


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Derrick Standifer
Derrick Standifer
Jan 01, 2022

This is dopeness at its finest. Press and Fly!

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