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Rainbow in a Starlit Sky

Rainbow in a Starlit Sky

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'Rainbow in a Starlit Sky' is a 30-day perspective shifting challenge to encourage you to view 'so-called' negative experiences from a positive perspective. 'Rainbow in a Starlit Sky' uses the visual of the night sky to represent difficult times which includes the moon, stars, and rainbow to represent positivity. The 'Rainbow in a Starlit Sky' premise is, if one focuses on the lesson and light in each dark experience, growth occurs. 'Rainbow in a Starlit Sky' will equip you with 30 perspectives, brief captivating explanations, and action activities to apply daily, assisting you with viewing life's experiences through a clearer lens.


    Signed paperback


    I am sure that you will enjoy 'Rainbow in a Starlit Sky'.  All sales final with love.  Thank you for your support.


    Please allow 7-14 days for shipping, although you may receive your copy of 'Rainbow in a Starlit Sky' sooner.

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